Laser Treatments

We offer multiple laser and light based treatments to improve a variety of concerns.  Choose from BBL, Fractional laser, Laser resurfacing, SkinTyte, Laser hair removal and more.
BBL or Broad band light therapy addresses a multitude of skin issues including pigment or “brown spots”, redness or broken blood vessels, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles as well as creating a fresher more glowing overall appearance to the skin.
Deka is a fractionated CO2 laser that delivers more aggressive results while keeping downtime to a mere 5-7 days.  Results include smoother, tighter skin with reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and reduction of surface imperfections.   Deeper pinpoint columns of heat stimulate the collagen layer to regenerate lost collagen improving the appearance of crepiness and skin laxity recapturing that plump youthful look.
Laser resurfacing removes the outer dead layers of skin revealing fresher, brighter skin while smoothing out surface imperfections.
SkinTyte utilizes infrared light to gently heat the underlying tissues to stimulate new collagen production to elimate crepiness and laxity.  Collagen is created over a period of the next three months causing a slow, gradual improvement with each subsequent treatment.
Our Laser Hair Removal utilizes the ‘gold standard’ diode laser to damage hair follicles so that hair connot reproduce.  With each treatment more hairs are affected making the area smooth and hair free.*